Dvd's Ready to go

Remeber we brought Sunrise School a DVD player? We have collected over 50 film DVDs and 50 music DVDs to send over to Sunrise School. Thanks to everyone who had a clear out, any more anywhere?

Estelle sent us a brooch made from a range of recycled and found materials, it's an example of a project she runs with students.

We like the idea so much we are going to use it as the basis for a project with Year 8 students, designing in Art and making in textiles, the designs can be of anything.

And finally it's all happening in the Art department, here Year 7 students are finishing off covering their wire fish frames in tissue. They are trying to add as much pattern as possible and are also trying to show regular and irregular pattern.

Loi Kratong astrological lanterns

The moat of the old  Chiang Mai city has 4 gates. In our last post, you saw photos of elephant lanterns at the Chang Puak gate (North). These photos are from the Suan Dork gate (western) and represent Thai mythical and astrological creatures. The structures are made of cane or bamboo covered with fabric.




horse, dog and lion