Who we are and what we love

Here is some pictures of "Picture Pal" students from Hsar Mue Htaw School (Mae Sot).
Naing Win Htun (12 years)

The animal that represents my day is Dragon. I was born in the year of rabbit. The seasonal flower is Kawae. Greek Zodiac sign is Scorpion. I want to be a policeman. I want everyone to have discipline.

Mar Mar Aye (10 years)

I was born in the year of snake. But I don't like snakes because I am afraid of them. I love Kattar flowers which blossom between July and August. I usually thread the flowers and  offer to Lord Buddha on my birthday. I love to stay quietly and I love green.

Soe Naing Htet (14 years)
Gantgaw flowers blossom between March and April. I like the smell of the flower. Many Burmese ladies apply that flower pollen together with Thatnatkar on their faces to feel cool. The weather is very hot during April. There is a water festival in April. It is hold for 4 days, It is one of the famous festivals of the year. I like to play with water. My Myanmar Zodiac sign is a bull and it is the year of goat.

 Myo Myint Aung (12 years)
My element is wind. The animal that represents my day is mouse. The seasonal flower is Letpan. We usually eat the flower with Shan noodle. I love winter.

 Thar Noe Pwint (12 years)

I am a mouse. I always look for the food to eat. I love eating. I was born in the year of rabbit. The seasonal flower is Tharaphee. The element is fire. I am happy to learn multicultural zodiac.

We are glad to learn multicultural zodiac and share our pictures with friends in England. We hope you will be happy by looking our pictures and guessing our character.

Sponsered Walk.

                       Sundorne School holds an annual sponsored walk to raise funds for
                        different causes the school supports. This year half of all sponsor
                       money raised will be going into our Burma fund so thank you very
                       much all those who who raised money and undertook the 7 mile
                       walk up to Haughmond hill. These students are gathering in the
                       playground ready to set off.


                         Leaving school grounds, full of enthusiasm, how long I wonder, before
                         legs start to tire and the shout goes up "how much further" to go?

                           These fashionably dressed ladies are members of staff who have
                           been recruited to act as marshalls  at the first road crossing, a
                           responsible job as getting 400plus children across the busy road
                           can be very hazzardous.

 This road crossing is on a very busy road so we have the help
        of the local police who hold up the traffic to enable the students to
                          cross the road safely.

                          At various points along the route students have to have their sponsor
                          card signs as evidence that they have completed the whole route and
                          not managed to find a short cut!!

                          Some members of staff are a little camera shy, not our Mrs Thompson
                           the head of the art dept who is stiding out raising money for the Burma
                         fund to enable money to be sent out to help our friends in Sunrise

                    This is the fantastic view over the shropshire countryside from the top of
                    Haughmond Hill, Quite a trek to the top but I think you will agree, well
                     worth the effort.


                           Finally, we all reached the pic-nic area and sat down for a quick lunch.

                             Ready to set off back to school, these two will have a speedy journey
                             back, downhill all the way!

                      One last group photo for this year 7 class before they undertake the
                       less arduous task of getting back down the hill.

                            The last of the students are signed out and on their way back to
                             school. The sponsered walk nearly over for another year.

Infants invited to Sundorne.

                    Children from our local infant school were invited to join our Year 9
                     students in producing some colourful art work for their school.

                  The older children prepared the blank boards with a base coat of
                  paint then added texture by using a sponge to apply different

                         They then chose a character or subject and drew the
                         outline onto the board.

                        The younger children then came into Sundorne School, and
                       once  paired up with a year 9 student they set about
                        completing the boards.

                         The younger children were very excited to be producing a piece
                         of art that would become a permenant feature in their school,
                         staying on the wall long after they have moved on to their
                         junior shools.

                             These are just a few of the finished boards ready for display.

We have 24 in total! Hope they have room for all of them. It's been hard work organising it but the final paintings are brillant and our Year 9 students worked really hard to make sure all the infants had great fun. A big thank you to the Year 9's from the Art Department.


Funding Letter from Phar Eh

We received this letter today acknowledging our support to enable Phar Eh to teach art in the jungle. Remember these posts? They will help remind you of his story, click on them to see. 

Phar Eh wanted to teach art but couldn't find any work in the camp so he decided to return to his village which is in an area of conflict, the Burmese people are still fighting the military. He asked Estelle if we would let him have some money for some art materials so he could teach in his village school.

Sundorne School
Shrewsbury, UK
No- 01/2011

6th July 2011,

Acknowledgement letter

This is to acknowledge receipt the amount of 10,000 Baht in Thai currency from Sundorne School in May 2011. Studio Xang Received this donation on behalf of Saw Phar Eh and Moses primary School in Wha May Day, Papun district, Karen state, Burma.

The money was used to buy art material and equipment, and send it from Thailand to Moses school. This material will be used by Saw Phar Eh to provide a weekly art class for 20 children during one term. Please find details of expenses attached.

Please receive our heartfelt thanks for your kind help. We look forward to continue collaborating with Sundorne School and students in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Estelle Cohenny
Coordinator of Studio Xang
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tel:+66 53 212 564
Mob.:+66 624 3170

Sundorne Dance Festival.

                 Sundorne School hosted its annual dance festival to which we invited
                 several of the local infant and junior schools. Children aged from 5yrs
                 to 15yrs took part and a fantastic evening was had by all.

                 Below are just a few photographs from the many enthusiastic and very
                 talented performances.

Where is Phar Eh's school?

Greetings from Chiang Mai in the rainy season!

I think many of you must be wondering where did all this art material go after it was sent to Phar Eh and the school he now works at in Karen state, Burma. So we thought we would send you some maps.

On this first map you can see how the material travelled from Chiang Mai, to Masariang then accross the border to Burma to reach Hpapun (also spelt Papun) in northern Karen state. Quite a way. It had to sail up and across the Salawin river, then be carried and transported to Phar Eh's school. 

Now where is this school? Well Look at this map below, and seach for Papun, move up north a little. See that soldier? Cute drawn like that, but not so cute in real life,like if you were carrying some school materials and had to answer some of his questions. 

But all you have to do is get a little further up into the dark grey area (hiding area), passed the soldiers. The school is right there. Now what's a hiding area? Agian look at the map: do you see the red houses? These are villages from which people are expelled by goverment forces. Now do you see the blue houses? That's the relocation sites for these villagers.

Well I 'm not so great at maths but I think it's obvious that there are a lot more villages distroyed that places for villagers to relocate. So that's when the hidding areas come into play.And the Iternally Displaced person camp (little balck tent). 

Unfortunately, there are plenty of military outposts, these little grey stars through the hiding area making it pretty dangerous. The green hatched areas are held by people who fight against the burmese military goverment. This is called a zone of conflict.

This is where some brave people are trying to run schools so that village kids can get an education. And now, thanks to you, they'll be doing some art classes too. So don't be disapointed if it takes a long time to get some news from there. It'll come, slowly, back across the river, down the roads into our Chiang Mai office where we'll translate it for you and post it!

PS: Aung San Suu Kyi is giving a couple of lectures on the BBC radio. If you would like to listen to the first lecture, please follow thhis link:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00hljtd/The_Reith_Lectures_Aung_San_Suu_Kyi_Lecture_1_Liberty/

We're looking forward to gets your comments and see what exciting things you've all been up to!

 Studio Xang