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This blog has been created to share work, information and ideas between two schools, one in the U.K and one on the Thai Bumra boader.

Here's how it started!

Mrs Thompson is head of Art at Sundorne School, Shrewsbury, U.K. She teaches Art to students in Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4,  Years 7 - 11.
From Year 10 students are working towards achieveing a qualification in Art.

Her best freind is Estelle Cohenny, she lives in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Estelle works for Studio Xang.

Studio Xang is a charity that provides art lessons and activities for Burmese refugee children in the refugee camps on the Thai - Burma boarder and also in the migrant workers camps. These opportunites are really important as no time is given to art in any formal lessons.

Mrs Thompson & Estelle planned a project for their students to get to know each other and called it 'Picture Pals'.

They created a range of tasks that would enable both sets of students to learn about their 'Picture Pal'

Task 1 - Burmese/ English Culture

Task 2 - Who are you?

Task 3 - Where do you live?

Task 4 - What did you do today?

Task 5 - What did you eat today?

Task 6 - What are your hopes for the future?

Task 7 - Who is your friend?

Whilst planning all of this and learning about the lifes of the students in the camps Sundorne School is going to try and raise money to support the lifes and education of students in Sunrise School, Mae La Oo reguee camp, on the Thai - Burma boarder.

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