Introducing the Art department

Patrick Holloway & Matthew Wardle from 9.4

This is our main room in the middle is our art teacher called Mrs Thompson. This is one of her classes which at the moment is working on a project called the Green Man. You draw a self portrait of your self and then put leaves around the face.

This is a self portrait of a student called Kelly Smith in Art. She is simply drawing her self as neat as possible by looking in to a mirror. There are many ways to draw your self but we get taught to use the half way rule. The half way rule is when you draw an egg and then put a line through the middle and then half that and put another line and then the same again.

 We do this project in Year 8. It is an insect made out of wire and paper. We look at several insect then pick parts of it and make it creative. We work in two’s which helps give you more ideas. 

We also make clay masks which are inspired by African masks. First we researched African masks and then went on to draw the masks. And then we finished of the project by making them with clay, which takes time and effort to create them.

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