Sunrise Christmas Raffle! Look at these prizes!

The Sunrise Christmas Raffle is coming together with lots of great donations from local business plus Shrewsbury Football Club!

Hopefully an extra special surprise prize as well! (A secret at the moment!)

Tickets will be for sale from Monday 29th November @ 50p
The draw will take place on Tuesday 14th December.
See some of the prizes here - there are loads more to add!

£100 Colour/Cut/Blow Dry Voucher from Toni & Guy

Dinner Voucher from Loch Fyne
A wonderful beauty package from the Aveda Salon.

A voucher for £25 discount on any purchase from the beautiful Mystique salon on the Butchers row.

From the lovely Lucy at Ella Cru a gorgeous set of ballet pumps!
The winner can change the size if needs be!

The great guys at Nicolas have donated a beautiful bottle of french red!

Costa Coffee have given us a thermal cup for those chilly winter
evenings and a set of coffee syrups to spice things up!

Thanks to the guys at High Sports for donating a great woolly hat and a thick pair of winter socks!

Keep watching to see what else is coming to the raffle & what Shrewsbury Town prizes can be won!

All fund raising from the raffle will go to our students in Sunrise School!

Our Schools Logo!

Mrs Thompson wrote:

We've had a logo designed that represents both schools, the Sundorne school symbol and the Peacock, the national symbol for Burma. 'Achieving Success Together' is the moto for Sunrise School but seems to fit really well with every aspect of this joint project!

This was the sunrise at 7.45am this morning looking over the school from the art department. Today is a training day for teachers, a day off for the students but lots of keen Year 10 & 11 students have come in to complete their work. I've treated them to cakes to encourage them to work hard!

Task 3 from our Burmese students!

Mrs Thompson wrote:

I received this e mail today from Emily who is working with our students in Mae Sot:

Dear Mrs Thompson

My name is Emily.I am the Burmese liaison officer at Studio Xang.
The children in Mae Sot looked at the blog last weekend.
They copyed the blog address. They were very please to see their photos.
They also thought their friends in England were very big.
And then, we also told them the children from the blog would become your friends.
They were very glad to hear that.
I send task (3) pictures with attach file.
with respects,

Here are some examples from our students of Task 3!

What can you learn about our students from these images ?

Hlaing Zay Yar Phyo

 Htet Htet Win

 Su Po Po Aung -
We already know Su Po Po wants to be a nurse, what can we learn about how she lives?

Meet Aung That Paing Htoo

Now we know he has brothers to play with - and we know he is really keen on his football!

Our Burmese students are waiting now for images from us.

8.3 need to speed up!

Here are some pictures of 8.3 working on Task 2 and some examples of Task 1:

Task 3: Where do you live?

Mrs Thompson wrote:

Task 3 asks the English and Burmese students to produce a piece of work showing where they live, what their environment looks like, who they live with and information about their home.

Here s a few of my photos to share to start with, I'll be loading up examples of this task completed by 8.3 this week.

Above is an image of the centre of Shrewsbury, the town square. You can see some of the different ages and styles of architecture present in Shrewsbury. There are buildings in Shrewsbury that date back to medieval times.

 Here is one of the entrances to the town park called the Quarry. The avenue is lined with trees and the River Severn runs through the park. The river nearly surrounds the whole centre of the town.

This photo shows how Autumn is affecting the trees in the grounds of the Abbey. This is a particularly beautiful time of year as all the colours change on the leaves.

More information about Shrewsbury can be found by using these links:

This photo is not taken in Shrewsbury but it does show one member of my household, Bomber!

Task 2: Who are you?

8.3 students from Sundorne school and our Burmese refugee students are doing the same tasks and sending them to each other. We are hoping to learn about each others life styles, education and hopes for the future.

Task 2: Who are you ?  asked the students to produce a piece of work with visual information about themselves, favourite possesions, things they like to do, its very easy for this task to end up as a piece of work about their hopes for the future.

Below are some examples from our Burmese students:

Naing Win Tun

Aung Thet Paing Htoo

Saaw Tun Win

Zin Phyo

Putting all the images and work together that we have received so far we can start to get to know a little about some of the students we are working with:

Su Po Po Aung

I think its clear from this image that Su wants to train to be a nurse
and is hoping for a high level of education.

 Saw Nanda

I think Saw Nanda is showing us he would like to move forward to a better future.

Meet some of our Burmese students! & Task 1

Estelle has been working really hard running our Picture Pal project with Burmese refugee students in Chaing Mai and Maesot.

Here is an example of Task 1.

These students are from a migrant workers camp in Maesot on the edge of the Thai - Burma broader.

Estelle has trained up some of the Burmese teachers to teach our Picture Pal project.

Here our some photos of our Burmese students completing their first task in the Picture Pal Project  - ' England and English Culture'.

The students are also researching about Shrewsburys famous connection to Charles Darwin.

Ngwe Chit

Saw Yu May


San Poe

Myo Pa Pa


Aung That Paing Oo

 These are some examples of the tasks they were undertaking to learn about us, where we are and about the history and culture of England, you can see Charles Darwins head in these pictures.

Here you can see the sort of space they have to work in and the lack of tables and chairs.

Estelle says this is just how it is and the students create their tables where ever they sit!

Here is more of their finished first task.

When you look at their writing it is amazing to think that they are keen to learn to write and speak English!

It must be so hard!

Introducing 8.3 to our Burmese students

Mrs Thompson wrote:

Students from 8.3 are the first to be working alongs side the students in Burma on the Picture Pal Project.
They are working hard to get their self portraits completed to send over. Here are the students taking part.

Chloe, Leon, Kallan, Niall  and Kaylan


Liam, Mollie, Laura, Jess and Rebecca

Lucy, Leah, Beth Leoandro and Neve


Josh, Harriet, Sophie and Sian

Josh, Oliver, Dewi and Matthew