Sports Day At Sundorne School

                          Sports day kicked off with a parade of all the athletes in their form
                           groups, this is a year 7 form, it is their first sports day at Sundorne
                           so they were a little nervous but excited to be competing.

                             In contrast, this is a year 10 form who are 'old hands' looking relaxed
                             and ready to race.

                                   This is Mr McCarthy, he has the important job of being
                                   the 'starter' for all the track events.

                                   Field events on sports day  include discus, javelin, shot putt,
                                   a three legged race and the more unusual 'welly wanging'.
                                   Discus throwing requires a good technique and its not
                                   always the biggest or the strongest that throw the furthest.

                          'Welly wanging' involves throwing the welly as far as you can.
                           This can be done by facing forwards and throwing, or,
                           as in the case of this student, facing backwards. This method
                           means the welly has to be thrown up and over the head. As
                           you can imagin direction can sometimes be a problem and
                          wellys have ended up in some strange places.

                                  As stated, it is not always the tallest, strongest, or biggest
                                  that comes out on top. If you can get the technique right,
                                  as this student has, you can beat the rest.

                           'Putting' the shot has its very own unique technique,which, if used
                            correctly,will result in a longer distance being recorded for the
                           throw. You don't have to be strong, but it helps if you can pick
                           the shot up in the first place, and what ever you do ,don't drop
                           it on you toe!!

                           Getting co-ordinated with your partner is the most important
                           element to this race, it takes a lot of practice and if you get it
                           wrong the chances are you will end up flat on your face!
                           The hardest part is keeping a lid on the overwhelming urge
                           to laugh.

Not to be outdone, the staff competed in a relay race against
each other, I have to say they were supprisingly quick and what
was particularly amazing, nobody dropped the baton!

Receipt from Sunrise

Here is a receipt from Sunrise School. It's interesting to see what they will be spending the money on, 14,000 Baht which is £285.00 is going to be used to fix the school computer, buy 250 exercise books and twenty desks among other things. I imagine buying desks really means buying flat wood to construct them from.

There's lots going on here in our Art department:

Year 8 students have been learning how to do basic perspective drawing to try and create a sense of distance.

They have used this skill to develop some creative designs

Year 7 students have been making all sorts of collections for homework. They have now brought these in.

And are starting to construct their own display boxes for them to be arranged in. The plan is to have an installation of them on the stage for the final assembly, all lined up like a wall. We had a practise run in the art department and it looked fantastic.

And finally our Year 9 students are preparing 24 big boards for displays in our infant school. Students have been asked to design images suitable for ages 4 - 7. We have some Disney characters and current cartoon characters as well.