I'm making a Piggy Bank in clay

Georgina Mansell 8.1 wrote:

We have been working on making clay piggy banks and here are some pictures. Clay is from underground and when its fired in a kiln it goes hard and lasts forever.

I think I have done my pig ok but I could improve my cleaning it up.

Piggy banks are used to keep money in. People put in loose change so that they don't loose it and they save it up.

Here's my pig. Its taken me nearly four weeks to get this far. I am going to decorate my final pig in brown colours.

This is a picture of all my class mates doing their pigs, they look like they are enjoying it.

All of 8B have tried their hardest and put a lot of effort into it. They are looking forward to when the pigs are finished and fired and ready to go home!

This is our break time!

Chloe Hicks 8.3 wrote:

Our school day starts at 8.45 am in the mroning with registration. We have two lessons before our break at eleven o clock. Break lasts for twenty minutes. This is Mollie and Laura and Becky outside the hall where we can buy food for our break.


This is Neve being silly at break time. Its a good time to play with mates. Neve is in one of the main corridors of the school with photos behind her of the students doing sporting activities.

This is Beth and Alicia being silly. They are always funny and make me laugh.

Outside our school we have a big field we can play on during break. Its used in our P.E lessons to play different sports. This is me and Lucy being daft on the field.

When the bell goes at 11.20am we have to quickly get to our next lesson otherwise we get told off if we are late.

Our Picture Pal project!

Chloe Hicks & Lucy Powell 8.3

This is Mollie and she is finishing her work ready to send to Burmese students. We are doing self portraits to show what we like and our personality.

This is Chloe being cheeky! You can just see our school logo on her jumper.

This is Neve doing her picture. You can see other art work in the background. Neve likes to work on an easel cause its easier for her.

This is some other members of our class. They are all concerntrating on their own portrait.
We love the fact that we are working with another school, its made us really excited!

Introducing the Art department

Patrick Holloway & Matthew Wardle from 9.4

This is our main room in the middle is our art teacher called Mrs Thompson. This is one of her classes which at the moment is working on a project called the Green Man. You draw a self portrait of your self and then put leaves around the face.

This is a self portrait of a student called Kelly Smith in Art. She is simply drawing her self as neat as possible by looking in to a mirror. There are many ways to draw your self but we get taught to use the half way rule. The half way rule is when you draw an egg and then put a line through the middle and then half that and put another line and then the same again.

 We do this project in Year 8. It is an insect made out of wire and paper. We look at several insect then pick parts of it and make it creative. We work in two’s which helps give you more ideas. 

We also make clay masks which are inspired by African masks. First we researched African masks and then went on to draw the masks. And then we finished of the project by making them with clay, which takes time and effort to create them.

Calling all staff & students? What could you do?

This blog is for everyone to share! Any one can get a post on here!

What would you like to add ?

We need to get across information about our school, community, town, about us, about you, what could you do?

 We can create posts on anything!

They can be one offs or regular features - interviews, articles, Sundorne news, what can you think of?

Fund raising could happen through the creation and down loading of quizzes, word searches, treasure hunts, what else?

We also need posts on Burma, its history, culture, art, people, anything that can inform people.
Create a post with words, images and video on any aspect.

Save to Sunrise Blog in the Share drive / I drive and we will get them loaded up!

We'll be looking for students to run this blog as ideas develop.

What links would it be good to see on here?

What would you like to share or create?

What are we fund raising for? The real answers!

Mrs Thompson wrote:
This is a copy of the intial letter that started the whole fund raising idea. The black type is questions I put to Estelle at Studio Xang and her husband Salai who is director of Sunrise School. 
 The blue type is their answers.
Its interesting to see how the camps and Sunrise School are organised and run and how we can help.

Hi Gilly,
Here’s some answers/suggestions.

1. Fund raising for Salai’s school - what does he need - could we raise money for him to buy shoes? clothes? basics?
The money will be used for:
·         Food (meat and fish). Students need nutritious foods which are not provided enough in refugee rations.

·         Maintenance of generator and petrol (generator means we can have light for studying in the evening, and use computers. At present only 2 hours electricity per night, and 1 hour in day time for computer class.)

·         Renovating classrooms and boarder students dormitories, dining room, need yearly renovation because all buildings are made of Bamboo and thatched with leaves.
·         Stationary - note books, pencils, A4 paper, text books and exercise books.

·         School uniforms

2. Could we twin school? Make his our charity school?
Yes that would be great. What are the requirements to twin the 2 schools together?
3. Raise money for Studio Xang  to have a video camera? Record kids/life and swop films on You Tube?

 Yes, this would help. Cameras are between 15,000-20,000B. For decent quality. A cheap one would be 10,000-15,000B. I will look into it more with Australian volunteer.

4. Make a joint blog exploring what happens at your school? our school?

 A blog is a good idea but our kids don’t yet have the knowledge to use computers. In Maesot we only have 1 computer for office. In Chiang Mai we teach on site so there are no computers. Studio Xang has a website and we could have a link to a blog where your school and us upload the exchanges of the Picture pal project. We’ll need a bit of training before we can do this, but I can organize it as part of capacity building. I can print off your blog pages to show my students and upload images and information as I collect it.


5. Could we send schemes of work/resources in different subjects to help the lessons?
This would be good but might be more effective after training from your teachers. Otherwise, teachers here (in Mae La Oon) will not know how to use the material. I am saying this from experience. Anything that is written and distributed without introduction and explanation doesn’t tend to be used. 

6. I have got members of staff trained to teach English willing to come over and teach although this would need a lot of thinking of - not going to happen straight away.

 This would be really great. Think about teaching English to teachers too, this way they can support students more and be more confident to use teaching materials in English, as you mentioned above.

7. Sponser indivdual students? orphans?
Usually it is difficult to do sponsoring because when you start to sponsor a child, it is a long term engagement and most people see it as short term or expect to see results, get letters etc. Sponsoring the school, the students association, the boarders would benefit more.  Some families have more resources than others. Usually if the father has passed away, it is hard for the mother to find enough income. Already there are very few ways to get an income in the camp. Salai usually takes kids who are in need of parent and material support under his wing. So if he has someone, he could let you know. Hence, we have a lot of nieces and nephews!

8. Need ideas about what you need and think would help - link to these to tangiable sense of money over here for example how much is a pair of shoes? Very little I expect but enough that my students could think its something they are doing in a pratical way, not money to an idea that seems to big to achieve. 

Note: 49b = £1.00

Note books: one dozen, 150B
Proper Shoes: 200B
Flip Flops: 20-80B
Trousers: 150-200B
Sarong: 80-100B
Uniform: 500B (shirt and sarong)
Shoulder Bag: 150B
1kg of meat: 80-150B
1kg of fish: 90-100B
1 kg Rice: 25B
1kg of fish paste: around 35B
1kg of beans: around 50B
1kg of sugar: 26B
1liter of gaz for generator: 39B
Transportation from camp to Maesariang (nearest town): one person 150B, one car 4000B-5000B one way, camp pass 1000B
Salary of teacher per month at YNO school: 1000B
Average necessary expenses for a family per month (no extras, just essentials): 500B 
If person works as carrier inside camp or secretly outside, they earn 20B-50b per day.

9. Theres also the question of how we get the money to you, I didnt realise this but because in this country it would be seen as public funds we would need receipts for any direct cash transfers - maybe this could go through your studio xang etc.

 Okay, we can provide receipts. Sunrise Schools bank account is in my name (because Burmese cannot open bank account). Studio Xang has an account named Studio Xang. Some funders refuse to send money to accounts with people’s name, they want organization name. So whichever way suits you we can do. Studio Xang can receive and forward to Sunrise, we would send you the statements from the bank plus receipts from Sunrise.

 I will start this month at home, talking to staff and kids. The Picture pals task have been translated into Burmese. I’ll do a training with teacher to gather materials and info for the kids. I will forward any suggestions people have from there.

This is such a great project.
I also want to give you some Burmese people to contacts in England, who could be useful for you and the students/ school.  I could write to these people and introduce you an the project . There is only P. Khoo Twe who I don’t know personally, but he helped one of my nieces while she was studying in the UK so I could ask her to put you in touch.
Win Naing Oo, BBC world service (Burma),  very friendly and informed.
Pascal Khoo Tweh, Cambridge or oxford,  writer and very friendly person. I recommend his book ‘the land of green ghosts’
So thats all the information so far and I read this book and it is fanastic and gives a really clear picture of how the whole situation has arouse.

Sundorne's first bit of fund raising!


Mrs Thompson wrote:

When I first asked Salai, Estelle's husband, the director of Section 13 in Mae La Oo camp where Sunrise School is, what he would spend any money we raised on, shockingly he said meat.

The refugee students do not get anywhere near enough protein in their diet.

We decided that our first fund raising event would be to buy meat and try and do it for Christmas as the students are Christians.
For us to buy every student and teacher in his school meat for Christmas dinner is going to cost around £150.00.

The first bit of fund raising then is going to be lead by me as I have agreed to take part in the Long Mynd Hike.

This is 50 miles of up and down hills within 24 hours, hopefully I'll be finishing in the early hours of Sunday morning! 

Anyone can sponsor me 'per mile' as I may well not finish! Sponser forms are with each form tutor and in the staff room & back office.

Find out more about the hike here - http://www.longmyndhike.org.uk/

Learning a little bit about Burmese Culture

Mrs Thompson wrote:

I received an e -mail today from Estelle, formally introducing me to the teachers in Maesot that will be teaching the Art project we are working on.

It made me laugh out loud intially but as I read on I felt I had just learned  a little about how the structure of burmese society works. Read this section:

'Mrs Thompson is a ceramic artist and she is the head of the art department at Sundorne school. Ma Nge Lay (a very beautiful and clever lady) is our Maesot Project Officer. She is also an experienced teacher. Ko Wunna Saw (also good looking and very kind) is an artist and our Maesot Art team leader.

Ma means sister and Ko means brother and it is a polite way to address people who are of similar age. It also makes people become family.'
It made me laugh that I was not beautiful or clever, its not traditional to address people here with these greetings, hence none for me!
With the Burmese it seems there is respect for each other at every level of society.
 I know Estelle is refered to by the students she works with us  'Dao' meaning Aunt.

Starting work!

Our Burma project is now underway!

All the students have seen the photos of Sunrise School and are learning about the history of Burma and its people.

Through every subject in school they are learning about different aspects of Burma.

In Maths they learning about the exchange rate, Food technology is exploring Burmese/Thai food, PHSE is focusing on human rights and many other activites are taking place.

And students are now starting to think of their own ideas for fund raising.

Welcome to our blog!

This blog has been created to share work, information and ideas between two schools, one in the U.K and one on the Thai Bumra boader.

Here's how it started!

Mrs Thompson is head of Art at Sundorne School, Shrewsbury, U.K. She teaches Art to students in Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4,  Years 7 - 11.
From Year 10 students are working towards achieveing a qualification in Art.

Her best freind is Estelle Cohenny, she lives in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Estelle works for Studio Xang.

Studio Xang is a charity that provides art lessons and activities for Burmese refugee children in the refugee camps on the Thai - Burma boarder and also in the migrant workers camps. These opportunites are really important as no time is given to art in any formal lessons.

Mrs Thompson & Estelle planned a project for their students to get to know each other and called it 'Picture Pals'.

They created a range of tasks that would enable both sets of students to learn about their 'Picture Pal'

Task 1 - Burmese/ English Culture

Task 2 - Who are you?

Task 3 - Where do you live?

Task 4 - What did you do today?

Task 5 - What did you eat today?

Task 6 - What are your hopes for the future?

Task 7 - Who is your friend?

Whilst planning all of this and learning about the lifes of the students in the camps Sundorne School is going to try and raise money to support the lifes and education of students in Sunrise School, Mae La Oo reguee camp, on the Thai - Burma boarder.