Fundraising For School Prom

                             Staff and students off to a quick start during the fundraising netball
                             match, the rest of the school were charged a small fee to watch,
                             the proceeds of which will go towards the year 11 end of school

                            Never let it be said the staff are not competative! Their goal attack, Mr
                            Wakenshaw was the tallest person on the court!!

                           Head Girl Leah has a battle on her hands trying to find a gap in the
                           staff defence, nobody seemed to want to help her get into the
                           shooting circle and 4 members of staff seemed intent on getting the
ball off her!

                        Who would have thought Maths and Science would join together to make
                        a formidable shooting force! maybe being a good foot taller than everyone
                        else played a part?

                         It looks like Deputy Head Mr Raeside is playing the wrong game,
                         somebody tell him its netball were playing not basketball!

                                The final insult for the loosers, a pie in the face from the winners,
                                 all in good sport as there were no real loosers and many thanks
                                    to those who contributed to boosting the prom fund.

Burma Displays

With all the work we have been doing we have some great displays around school at the moment. They go from our Picture Pal work to work in other subjects looking at Aung San Suu Kyi.

Year 8 have finished working on the Multi Cultural Zodiac project and these are on display as well. Students really enjoyed this project and learning about aspects of their character they are supposed to possess.

The next piece of fund raising for Sunrise School we will do will be a Mufti Day. They have Mufti Day's in Sunrise School as well!

It's great to have all of this information to share with all the students and visitors to the school.

We even have a board displaying the Sports Festival.

Burma Bake Off!

Massive thanks to everyone who supported our cake making efforts, and eating cake efforts, especially to our Jane who makes the best cakes!

We raised £149.50 to send to our students in Sunrise School - an amazing achievement!!!