Christmas party for senior citizens at Sundorne

Christmas party at Sundorne for the senior citizens

                            Every christmas Sundorne School hosts a lunch party for all
                            the senior citizens who live in the area surrounding the
                            school. Invitations are sent out at the end of November to all
                            grandparents,aunts and uncles and elderly relatives of staff
                            and pupils.

                        Lunch is prepared in the morning by members of staff and all the
                        food is laid out in the main hall ready for when the guests arrive.

                           Guests are offered a drink before lunch, its a great opporunity
                           to relax and chat to friends and neighbours.

                      Year 10 student help out with serving the drinks, making sure
                      everyone is made very welcome into our school.

                         There is even some entertainment provided by the students, not
                         only from our school, but also from the infants and junior schools
                         that are part of our community.