Fundraising coffee morning for McMILLAN Cancer Research at Sundorne School.

                              Sundorne School hosts a fundraising coffee morning evey year to
                              raise money for the McMillan cancer research project, members
                              of staff, pupils and parents get their pinnies out and bake all sorts
                              of delicious cakes to sell at the coffee morning.

                                 The wide variety of confectionary that is on offer ensures that
                                 everyones taste's are catered for. At the end of the morning
                                 there is little more than crumbs left on the plates.

                                 The school is very well supported every year by parents and
                                 younger siblings of students at the school.

                                   This years VIP guests were the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress,
                                   who enjoyed a tour of the school from this years head boy and
                                   head girl Jamie Smith and Lucy Richards.

                              As a thank you from the school for taking time out to attend our
                              coffee morning Lucy presented our guests with a bouquet of flowers.

                               As part of the fundraising, a raffel is held for a selection of prizes
                              donated by parents and staff, these are two of the lucky winners of

After School Clubs At Sundorne

                                  Sundorne School is very lucky to have a new gym, stocked
                                  with the latest 'state of the art ' equipment.
                            An after school club has been set up for students who wish to use
                            the equipment, there is always a member of staff on hand to make
                            sure nobody comes to any harm and that the equipment is use

                                Another popular after school club is boys football.
                            As you can imagine, with football being our National sport ,the
                            competition to play in the school teams is very hot, and any
                            opportunity to improve on skills and fitness is always well
                              You can see from the colour of the sports field, we are having
                              quite a dry spell at the moment, the normally green playing
                              fields are very dry and dusty.
                             By contrast, there don't appear to be any boys willing to join the
                             after school dance club!
                                This is another way for students to improve their fitness,
                                co-ordination skills, spending time after school with
                                friends doing an activity that is fun.

Watching in Burma!

Anyone who has ever worked on a blog will know that you can see how many people are watching you and from where in the world!

It's fascinating to see how far and wide our work is known.

Today for the first time we have been viewed actually in Burma so hopefully there are Burmese people there who know how we are trying to support them through our project.

Below is the map and the list of viewers for this week, that is just the last 3 days!

United Kingdom
United States
United Arab Emirates
Myanmar [Burma]
New Zealand

I would love to know a little bit more about our viewer's - any comments anyone?

Term has well and truely started........

with all sorts of activities taking place. There have been trips out to museums, trips going out to the theatre and auditions starting for the 'Sundorne's Got Talent' Show.

The Art department invited 6 students to visit a workshop being held in the Prince Rupert Hotel by Gallery SCA this weekend.

Paul Priest is one of Britain's leading ceramic sculptors and the students were able to watch a demonstration by him as he showed us how he makes his sculptures. Hopefully they have picked up lots of tips ready for when they start their sculptures later in the term. Here are some examples of his work:

And here are some photo's of the demonstration:

And just for those of you who don't know where Shropshire is just a snap of the countryside around us:

The Whole School photo..

was taken today. This only happens once every five years and needs a team of people to come and set up some staging for all the pupils to stand on.

You can see here everyone starting to be lined up with the help of Mr Perks and Mr Street.

Miss Fredrick was helping pupils line up in height order before they got onto the terraces.

Everyone had to be outside for this including all of our great Year 10 students.

All staff had to be included as well, here's Mr Pettengell and Mr Raeside waiting to take their seats.

This is just after the official photo was taken and everyone is getting up.

All of this was done with really good behaviour and good humour, I'll post a picture of the final image once they send it to us!

We are back after a long summer break...........

and I thought you might like to see the photos of our final project with Year 7 students.

Over a term they were asked to complete a series of tasks and make a series of collections and display them creatively in their own way in a box we called the "Explorer Boxes"

They were displayed together in the hall for the final assembly so here are some pictures of them together and some individual ones.

It's the start of a new school year so as work and activites take place we well let you know!