Talent Competition at Sundorne

                           Each year Sundorne school holds a talent competion. It is open
                           to everyone and has uncovered some serious talent over the

                        Students have to audition in front of a panel of judges, including
                        our very talented dance teacher Miss Frederick.

                        Those that get through the auditions are invited to perform 
                         at the talent evening in front of a live audience of students,
                         teachers, family and friends.

                     There is always a great range of talent on display, from
                      amazing singing voices to dancers, break dancing and robotics
                      to name but a few from this years hopeful entrants.
                             These photos are from the final rehersals, and we wish all the
                             participants the very best of luck on the evening.

                        The audience on the evening are charged a small entrance
                         fee, the money collected from the evening goes towards the
                        'Children in Need' appeal which is fronted every year by
                         'Pudsey Bear' Lots of people take part in fundraising for this
                          very worthwhile cause and it raises millions of pounds every

Our Year 8 students....

.... are busy finishing off their self portraits. These will be photographed and forwarded to our Burmese students so they can get an idea of what they are like, things they like to do etc.

They have used the half way rule technique to draw themselves carefully and experimented with tone to make their faces look 3D.

They are including their name, date of birth and images of things they like to do around the outside of the portrait. They are having to consider layout design, scale, colour and texture.

This Year 8 class are looking forward to seeing images from our Burmese students who are completing the same task too!