Our School - Sundorne School & Sports College

Callum Savage from Year 9 wrote:

I am going to show you around some of our school.

This is the premar play, this is where we can play football and we sometimes do P.E in this area.

There are two football pitches and four netball pitches.

 This is a closer view of the premier play it is very big so we can run round and do exercise.

 This is the social are this is where we can sit and chat to our friends if it is raining or we don't want to go outside.

 This is the art block where we do art. There are two classrooms and a clay room.

 This is Mr Pettengell, our Head Teacher. He is the a very important man and responsible for Sundorne's success.

 This is Mrs Garrett. She is a language teacher. She teaches us Spanish and French.

 This is Mrs Garret's classroom where we sit and do all our work.

 This is our school mini-bus. This takes us to our football games and other sport events and trips.

 This is our back field. This is where we do Sports Day and sometimes do P.E. We are only allowed on this field in summer at break times because it gets wet and muddy which will end up in the school and make the school look dirty.

 This is our Drama Studio where we do Drama which is like acting. This fits into our English lessons.

 This is one of our three computer rooms as you can see we are very lucky to have such good computers.

I hope you enjoyed learning about our School.

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