Sundorne School dance.

This is the dance club run by Miss Frederick, our dance teacher at Sundorne School. It runs from 3pm until 4pm. We have two helpers who come in to help us with our performances or teach us a dance.

This is Katie helping Lucy go through her dance which she will be performing on her own in 'Sundorne's got talent', a talent show being held at the school.

This is the dance studio where everybody practices dances during lessons and after school. 

This is year a 8 dance group these people are practicing for our talent show which our dance teacher Miss Fredrick organised.

These are some GCSE dancers performing their dance to the rest of the dance group.

This is Katie and Chloe practicing their dance which they will perform in the talent show and for the local senior citizens which the school has invited for Christmas lunch.

This is Year 8 dancers practicing in the mirror for timing and precision.

This is the new Year Seven students who have settled in well at the after school dance club and are making lots of progress.

By Katie Mckean + Chloe Turner

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