Back to work for 8.3

8.4 are currently working on their self portraits ready to be introduced to their Burmese pen pals.

8.3 students have finished working on their Burma project and have started a new project based on print making.

They have been asked to produce a design that considers enlargement, negative space, composition and uses good observation skills.

They are drawing sweet wrappers layered up on a board. This helps create some interesting designs.

This is Beth's design so far. Students have been asked to ensure the design goes up to the edges of the square. This will help achieve a strong print.

Lino printing uses tools to cut into a rubber surface, the ink is then applied over the top and printed onto the paper. Where the lino is cut no ink remains to be printed. Lots of different affects can be achieved.

It is possible to layer up colours and create interesting surfaces.
We will see how 8.3 do when they start cutting their lino blocks next week.

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