Receipt from Sunrise

Here is a receipt from Sunrise School. It's interesting to see what they will be spending the money on, 14,000 Baht which is £285.00 is going to be used to fix the school computer, buy 250 exercise books and twenty desks among other things. I imagine buying desks really means buying flat wood to construct them from.

There's lots going on here in our Art department:

Year 8 students have been learning how to do basic perspective drawing to try and create a sense of distance.

They have used this skill to develop some creative designs

Year 7 students have been making all sorts of collections for homework. They have now brought these in.

And are starting to construct their own display boxes for them to be arranged in. The plan is to have an installation of them on the stage for the final assembly, all lined up like a wall. We had a practise run in the art department and it looked fantastic.

And finally our Year 9 students are preparing 24 big boards for displays in our infant school. Students have been asked to design images suitable for ages 4 - 7. We have some Disney characters and current cartoon characters as well.

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