After School Clubs At Sundorne

                                  Sundorne School is very lucky to have a new gym, stocked
                                  with the latest 'state of the art ' equipment.
                            An after school club has been set up for students who wish to use
                            the equipment, there is always a member of staff on hand to make
                            sure nobody comes to any harm and that the equipment is use

                                Another popular after school club is boys football.
                            As you can imagine, with football being our National sport ,the
                            competition to play in the school teams is very hot, and any
                            opportunity to improve on skills and fitness is always well
                              You can see from the colour of the sports field, we are having
                              quite a dry spell at the moment, the normally green playing
                              fields are very dry and dusty.
                             By contrast, there don't appear to be any boys willing to join the
                             after school dance club!
                                This is another way for students to improve their fitness,
                                co-ordination skills, spending time after school with
                                friends doing an activity that is fun.

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