Sundorne Year 10 Students trip to Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology

                             Sundorne Art students were given the opportunity to visit the
                              local art college, to sample some of the projects they would
                              undertake should they chose to go on to further education
                              when they leave school.

                            There were three different tasks on offer, this first one involved making
                            a 'peep box'.  Various images were cut out from magazines and
                            pasted inside a painted shoe box. The lid, or the end flap of the box is
                            then lifted to reveal the images inside.

                               The main workshop/classroom as you can see below was a large
                                spacious room that easily accommodated all the students.  

                              The second project undertaken was to make anthropomorphic
                              creatures from 'junk' materials. The models were given features and
                              personalities by the careful selection of parts and components by
                              the students.

                           The selected parts were glued together to produce .'junk people' that
                            the students named and invented a history for.
                                As you can see by the finished models, they are cute creatures
                               that with a little bit of imagination can easily be given a history and
                               life story.

                        The final task was to create a three dimentional collage using images cut
                         out from magazines and newspapers.

                           As you can see from these two examples. they can finish up being  
                           quite colourful, if not a bit quirky.

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