Sending materials to Moses School

Moses School was established in 2009. It is in Wha May Day village, Papun district, Karen State in Myanmar. This school is a Primary school. Phar Eh will teach art at that school. He will teach art to children aged between 4 and 12. Moses School is very far from our office. We send the material to Maesariang first. And then, someone from Moses School comes to Maesariang to take them back to the school. Normally it is 2 days travel from Moses school to Maesariang.


Checking materials list at Studio Xang office in Chiang Mai. Max, wearing the bandana, went to buy it and Emily is making sure he didn’t forget anything…Then of course there were some things missing and she sent us back to the market!
All the equipments above are necessary for Moses School's art classes.

Materials list in Burmese

Putting materials into a cardboard box
Max is putting material boxes into the car.
Our lovely Rot Chang (Studio Xang's car) is ready to go to the Arcade bus station.

The material boxes are being weighed and the Bus company staff is calculating the transportation fees to Maesariang

Arcade bus station 

It’s all on the red bus. Phar Eh called us that evening from Maesariang to say he had received the boxes. This art materials surely be a novelty for children in Moses School and they are going to have fun in their art class thanks to you all!!!!!!!!

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