Art Department Update!

Lots of work underway in the Art department at the moment, it feels like a really busy time!
Year 8 students are completing a poster based on themselves using the zodiac and astrology symbols from all different cultures.

In Dan's picture you can see he is an Ox, as well as a snake and a mouse. All of these symbols represent different traits in personalities that we are supposed to possess.

The final posters are being painted with watercolours. I am trying to get the students to consider using translucent and opaques effects, colour mix, create texture and also paint with accuracy - there's a lot to consider!

Year 9 students have all finished making a Green Man Mask in clay and the last masks are being glazed, here is a kiln loaded ready to go.

Waiting for the chance to be glazed are Year 8 pigs, these have all been fired once, they need to have oxide added by the students.

And finally the finished lino prints from 8.3. Our art assistant Jane is getting these ready for display around the school.

I'll get more images on of what's going on with everybody over this week but it's fair to say everybody is working hard!

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