Burma Bake Off!

          Year 8 students spent their art lesson yesterday making chocolate cup cakes and 
     rice crispie cakes to sell to the rest of the school and staff. The money raised will
    be used to send chocolate for easter to the students in Mae La Oo.

These rice crispie cakes are so easy to make and we sold out very quickly
 They were almost as popular with the staff as they were with  the students!

  Cup cakes are always easy to sell, everybody loves chocolate, and anything with icing on is a winner with the students.

    This was the temptation for all true chocoholics!
A large chocolate cake was the raffel prize up for grabs at the cake sale.

    Selling was fast and furious once the bell went for morning break, we only has 20
 mins to sell our cakes, staff and students did not let us down, by the end of break
all that was left were the crumbs on the plates.

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