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As you may have seen before our Year 8 students are doing a project based around zodiac signs in different cultures. They have learnt about themselves based on information related to the time, day, date and year of their birth. We are now sharing this information with Estelle so she can run the project with some of her Burmese students.

I am sending Estelle some of the worksheets we made to help the students develop their ideas:

 They used these to either copy from or trace over the animals that represented them in Burmese and Chinese zodiacs. We also looked at Native American Indian astrology as well.

This is the Burmese garuda - turns out I am a garuda! I am also a pig and a raven - all of these creatures have various traits which I am supposed to possess. The students really enjoyed finding out about their animals and their character traits.

I produced some designs ideas to help students consider what was important layout issues in a poster. I also loaded information up on our blog which we discussed.

We made some fact sheets so students could collect all their information.

And here are some examples, they are not yet finished but they are still striking pieces of work!
We spent time looking at colour theory and painting techniques to help the students achieve a strong visual piece.

Hopefully this will help Estelle teach this project with her Burmese students.

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