I'm making a Piggy Bank in clay

Georgina Mansell 8.1 wrote:

We have been working on making clay piggy banks and here are some pictures. Clay is from underground and when its fired in a kiln it goes hard and lasts forever.

I think I have done my pig ok but I could improve my cleaning it up.

Piggy banks are used to keep money in. People put in loose change so that they don't loose it and they save it up.

Here's my pig. Its taken me nearly four weeks to get this far. I am going to decorate my final pig in brown colours.

This is a picture of all my class mates doing their pigs, they look like they are enjoying it.

All of 8B have tried their hardest and put a lot of effort into it. They are looking forward to when the pigs are finished and fired and ready to go home!

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