This is our break time!

Chloe Hicks 8.3 wrote:

Our school day starts at 8.45 am in the mroning with registration. We have two lessons before our break at eleven o clock. Break lasts for twenty minutes. This is Mollie and Laura and Becky outside the hall where we can buy food for our break.


This is Neve being silly at break time. Its a good time to play with mates. Neve is in one of the main corridors of the school with photos behind her of the students doing sporting activities.

This is Beth and Alicia being silly. They are always funny and make me laugh.

Outside our school we have a big field we can play on during break. Its used in our P.E lessons to play different sports. This is me and Lucy being daft on the field.

When the bell goes at 11.20am we have to quickly get to our next lesson otherwise we get told off if we are late.

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