Sundorne's first bit of fund raising!


Mrs Thompson wrote:

When I first asked Salai, Estelle's husband, the director of Section 13 in Mae La Oo camp where Sunrise School is, what he would spend any money we raised on, shockingly he said meat.

The refugee students do not get anywhere near enough protein in their diet.

We decided that our first fund raising event would be to buy meat and try and do it for Christmas as the students are Christians.
For us to buy every student and teacher in his school meat for Christmas dinner is going to cost around £150.00.

The first bit of fund raising then is going to be lead by me as I have agreed to take part in the Long Mynd Hike.

This is 50 miles of up and down hills within 24 hours, hopefully I'll be finishing in the early hours of Sunday morning! 

Anyone can sponsor me 'per mile' as I may well not finish! Sponser forms are with each form tutor and in the staff room & back office.

Find out more about the hike here -

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