Calling all staff & students? What could you do?

This blog is for everyone to share! Any one can get a post on here!

What would you like to add ?

We need to get across information about our school, community, town, about us, about you, what could you do?

 We can create posts on anything!

They can be one offs or regular features - interviews, articles, Sundorne news, what can you think of?

Fund raising could happen through the creation and down loading of quizzes, word searches, treasure hunts, what else?

We also need posts on Burma, its history, culture, art, people, anything that can inform people.
Create a post with words, images and video on any aspect.

Save to Sunrise Blog in the Share drive / I drive and we will get them loaded up!

We'll be looking for students to run this blog as ideas develop.

What links would it be good to see on here?

What would you like to share or create?

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