Task 3: Where do you live?

Mrs Thompson wrote:

Task 3 asks the English and Burmese students to produce a piece of work showing where they live, what their environment looks like, who they live with and information about their home.

Here s a few of my photos to share to start with, I'll be loading up examples of this task completed by 8.3 this week.

Above is an image of the centre of Shrewsbury, the town square. You can see some of the different ages and styles of architecture present in Shrewsbury. There are buildings in Shrewsbury that date back to medieval times.

 Here is one of the entrances to the town park called the Quarry. The avenue is lined with trees and the River Severn runs through the park. The river nearly surrounds the whole centre of the town.

This photo shows how Autumn is affecting the trees in the grounds of the Abbey. This is a particularly beautiful time of year as all the colours change on the leaves.

More information about Shrewsbury can be found by using these links:

This photo is not taken in Shrewsbury but it does show one member of my household, Bomber!

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