Introducing the Science Department

Hello we are Set 2 and our teacher, Mrs Felstead, wants us to show you the Science Department at our school.

We got into groups to show and hope you like it.

Katie, Becky and Melissa spoke to Mrs Felstead (our teacher)

Q1) Do you enjoy teaching Science? Yes I love teaching Science!!!

Q2) Do you have a favourite area of work in Science? Yes, I love teaching about human biology and plants.

Q3) When you were at school, what as your favourite subject? I liked Science and P.E.

Q4) Have you always wanted to be a Science teacher and if you could teach another subject what would it be? When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher but I didn’t know what subject. Also if I was able to teach another subject it would be History.

Sophie, Chloe and Kelly spoke to Miss Fisher

This is Miss Fisher.  She’s a teaching assistant, she works with our Science group. Miss Fisher really likes Science, she even wants to be a Science teacher.
She's been working at our school for just over a year. She likes working with our group, she said that we are really enjoyable and a pleasant group. 

Miss Fisher thinks the Burma project is a really good project because it lets you know what is going on in the world.

When she was a student at Sundorne School, she used to like experiments especially the one when you get to blow things up or set them on fire.

Charlotte, Christian and Leanne spoke to Mr Wakenshaw
(This is Mr Wakenshaw with Mrs Felstead - he really is that tall!)

Mr Wakenshaw is one of our Science teachers. He has been teaching here at Sundorne for four years now and he teaches all years.  He likes doing Chemistry. His favourite experiment is the thermite reaction.

This is Mr Wakenshaw's Year 8 Science class.

In Year 8 he teaches Light, Sound, Atoms and Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, Food and Digestion, Respiration, Microbes and Disease, Rocks and Weathering, the Rock Cycle, Heating and Cooling, Magnets and Electromagnets.

Mr Wakenshaw has 4 or 5 lessons a day so he doesn’t get a break.

He likes to do trampolining, he runs a club for school on Tuesdays and a private one on Friday.

Josh, Dan and Rob spoke to Mr Thomas another Science teacher at our school

What is your favourite subject in Science?  My favourite subject in Science is Physics.

What is your favourite subject other than Science?  My favourite subject other than Science is PE.

How long have you been a Science teacher?  I have been I Science teacher for two years.

What other jobs have you had other than a teacher?  Before I was a teacher I in the R.A.F. working as an engineer.

What hobbies do you have/do?  I like to play football a lot and I support Wrexham Football Club.

Lucy, Paige, Amy, Chloe and Alisha spoke to Mr Lewis

This is Mr Lewis, our Science Technician.  He has been at the school for 29 years. His job is ordering the chemicals and preparing the equipment for the lessons. Before Mr Lewis came to Sundorne School he was a professional football player for 2 years, until his manager left and he didn’t like the new manager.

His favourite practical is turn the lights off mix 2 chemicals together and light is emitted (luminal).  It must be pitch black for you to see the effect!

Paisley, Sian and Jaime Lee found out what our class like about
Science at Sundorne School
In Sundorne Science is fun and interesting. We find stuff out.  In our Science lessons we sometimes use Bunsen burners and have lots of fun.  We learn a lot of stuff and enjoy doing all the experiments.  In science a lot of us enjoy doing experiments and researching a lot of things. Learning new things every day.

Paisley, Jaime, Sian, Kelly, Sophie, Chloe, Lucy, Alisha, Amy, Paige, Charlotte, Rob, Luke, Josh, Dewi, Dan and Niall like doing experiments.

Leanne and Christian like finding things out.

We are looking forward to showing you some of the work we are doing through this blog.

Luke, Niall and Dewi wanted to show you how we use a Bunsen Burner.

This is a Bunsen burner.

This is the blue flame it is for heating.

This is Luke, Niall and Dewi in front of their experiment.

This is Luke, Niall and Miss Fisher who helps in our class.

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