Girls Footie!

Georgia Mansell 8.1 wrote:

Here is a picture of all of our football team. We all work together and try our best to win our matches. It doesn't matter if we win or not at the end of the day, its fun!

                                            Here is us warming up. We had a big square marked on the fied and we ran around and played traffic lights. Traffic lights is a simple game. It includes running on the spot. Stopping in place and GO! Its a fun game but it can make you extremely tired. But still it's a good warm-up.

Here is a picture of us playing our game. There are different positions in football  such as: Goalkeeper,Defence,Up front and Midfield.

Goalkeeper as you imagine would stay in goal and save goals.
Defence would defend and kick the ball up the pitch when the other team go for goal.

Up Front are the people that score and keep the ball the way there shooting.
And last off -  Midfield are like defenders but they stay in the middle of the pitch and kick the ball to up front for a goal!


Here is another photo of us playing a game. We use size 4 footballs and on games size 5 . We use different size balls because of different sized people.

Here is a picture of people waiting for the ball. Waiting to SCORE !!

And finally, here is a picture of someone just missing the goal.
Hope you enjoy reading this.

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