Final exams at Sunrise School

The school year over here starts from June until March. The final exams for the year take place in March. It is a busy time for students. Here are some photographs of Yaung Ni Oo (Sunrise) students taking their exams.

Students taking their end of year exam (march 2011)
You might notice that there are students of different ages in this room. This is because there are not enough classrooms in Yaung Ni Oo School for each grade to have one room to take their exam in.
Grade 10, Grade 8 and Grade 2 students concentrating on their exam papers

 The advantage is that there are no cheating but it does take a while for the teacher to distribute all the different exam papers in the classroom!
This young girl is answering the Social Science exam questions.

Students who pass the exams, will enter the next grade in coming school year in June 2011. Grade 10 students will graduate from Yaung Ni Oo high school and enjoy the summer holidays.
To be continued.....

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