Young Art Leaders working with infant school students.

                          Year 9 students from Sundorne have been paired up with children
                          from the infants school. They have been visiting the infants school and
                          undertaking drawing and painting tasks with the younger children.

                           This one to one tuition has enabled the younger children to explore new
                            tecniques in their art work,including adding tone and texture to their

                      The first task they do is develope the use of tone by understanding
                       how differnt pressure with a pencil can produce light and dark effects
                       to their drawings.

                          The second task involves using water colour paints, understanding the
                          terms primary and secondary colours, and how to mix colours and use
                          the colour wheel to help get the best results.

                            This interaction with younger students helps them to develope their
                            own social skills and provides them with the opportunity to pass on
                            the skills they have learnt in the art department at Sundorne.

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