Sundorne 'inter form' sports activities

                            Sundorne School run an 'inter-form' sports competion, where all
                             year 8 forms compete against each other in various sports.
                             This time the chosen activities were tennis, team races, dodge
                              ball and dance.                                                                   


                         Forms selected teams from volunteers, the players could
                         choose to play on the full tennis court or play a shortened court.

                            Teams warm up by stretching before the activity races,
                             nobody wants to pull muscles or injure themselves.
                             The team races involve teams of 6 running a relay
                             which included skipping running and throwing bean bags
                             into hoops on the ground.

                              Part of the race involves skipping, not as easy as it looks
                              when your racing to beat the person next to you!

                           Dodge ball in the gym involved two teams, on opposite sides
                           of the benches, trying to hit the opposition with soft balls. Once hit
                           you have to leave the game and the last man standing is the winner.

                         The game was made more difficult for the teams by the
                         nomination of a 'King' who put on a red bib to show he
                         was the 'target'. The aim for the rest of the kings team
                         was to protect their king from being hit by the opposition.

                      The final activity was a dance competition.Teams of 4
                      from each year eight form put together a short dance routine
                      which was then judged by the dance teacher Miss Frederick.

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