Infants invited to Sundorne.

                    Children from our local infant school were invited to join our Year 9
                     students in producing some colourful art work for their school.

                  The older children prepared the blank boards with a base coat of
                  paint then added texture by using a sponge to apply different

                         They then chose a character or subject and drew the
                         outline onto the board.

                        The younger children then came into Sundorne School, and
                       once  paired up with a year 9 student they set about
                        completing the boards.

                         The younger children were very excited to be producing a piece
                         of art that would become a permenant feature in their school,
                         staying on the wall long after they have moved on to their
                         junior shools.

                             These are just a few of the finished boards ready for display.

We have 24 in total! Hope they have room for all of them. It's been hard work organising it but the final paintings are brillant and our Year 9 students worked really hard to make sure all the infants had great fun. A big thank you to the Year 9's from the Art Department.


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