Who we are and what we love

Here is some pictures of "Picture Pal" students from Hsar Mue Htaw School (Mae Sot).
Naing Win Htun (12 years)

The animal that represents my day is Dragon. I was born in the year of rabbit. The seasonal flower is Kawae. Greek Zodiac sign is Scorpion. I want to be a policeman. I want everyone to have discipline.

Mar Mar Aye (10 years)

I was born in the year of snake. But I don't like snakes because I am afraid of them. I love Kattar flowers which blossom between July and August. I usually thread the flowers and  offer to Lord Buddha on my birthday. I love to stay quietly and I love green.

Soe Naing Htet (14 years)
Gantgaw flowers blossom between March and April. I like the smell of the flower. Many Burmese ladies apply that flower pollen together with Thatnatkar on their faces to feel cool. The weather is very hot during April. There is a water festival in April. It is hold for 4 days, It is one of the famous festivals of the year. I like to play with water. My Myanmar Zodiac sign is a bull and it is the year of goat.

 Myo Myint Aung (12 years)
My element is wind. The animal that represents my day is mouse. The seasonal flower is Letpan. We usually eat the flower with Shan noodle. I love winter.

 Thar Noe Pwint (12 years)

I am a mouse. I always look for the food to eat. I love eating. I was born in the year of rabbit. The seasonal flower is Tharaphee. The element is fire. I am happy to learn multicultural zodiac.

We are glad to learn multicultural zodiac and share our pictures with friends in England. We hope you will be happy by looking our pictures and guessing our character.

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