Sponsered Walk.

                       Sundorne School holds an annual sponsored walk to raise funds for
                        different causes the school supports. This year half of all sponsor
                       money raised will be going into our Burma fund so thank you very
                       much all those who who raised money and undertook the 7 mile
                       walk up to Haughmond hill. These students are gathering in the
                       playground ready to set off.


                         Leaving school grounds, full of enthusiasm, how long I wonder, before
                         legs start to tire and the shout goes up "how much further" to go?

                           These fashionably dressed ladies are members of staff who have
                           been recruited to act as marshalls  at the first road crossing, a
                           responsible job as getting 400plus children across the busy road
                           can be very hazzardous.

 This road crossing is on a very busy road so we have the help
        of the local police who hold up the traffic to enable the students to
                          cross the road safely.

                          At various points along the route students have to have their sponsor
                          card signs as evidence that they have completed the whole route and
                          not managed to find a short cut!!

                          Some members of staff are a little camera shy, not our Mrs Thompson
                           the head of the art dept who is stiding out raising money for the Burma
                         fund to enable money to be sent out to help our friends in Sunrise

                    This is the fantastic view over the shropshire countryside from the top of
                    Haughmond Hill, Quite a trek to the top but I think you will agree, well
                     worth the effort.


                           Finally, we all reached the pic-nic area and sat down for a quick lunch.

                             Ready to set off back to school, these two will have a speedy journey
                             back, downhill all the way!

                      One last group photo for this year 7 class before they undertake the
                       less arduous task of getting back down the hill.

                            The last of the students are signed out and on their way back to
                             school. The sponsered walk nearly over for another year.

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