Funding Letter from Phar Eh

We received this letter today acknowledging our support to enable Phar Eh to teach art in the jungle. Remember these posts? They will help remind you of his story, click on them to see. 

Phar Eh wanted to teach art but couldn't find any work in the camp so he decided to return to his village which is in an area of conflict, the Burmese people are still fighting the military. He asked Estelle if we would let him have some money for some art materials so he could teach in his village school.

Sundorne School
Shrewsbury, UK
No- 01/2011

6th July 2011,

Acknowledgement letter

This is to acknowledge receipt the amount of 10,000 Baht in Thai currency from Sundorne School in May 2011. Studio Xang Received this donation on behalf of Saw Phar Eh and Moses primary School in Wha May Day, Papun district, Karen state, Burma.

The money was used to buy art material and equipment, and send it from Thailand to Moses school. This material will be used by Saw Phar Eh to provide a weekly art class for 20 children during one term. Please find details of expenses attached.

Please receive our heartfelt thanks for your kind help. We look forward to continue collaborating with Sundorne School and students in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Estelle Cohenny
Coordinator of Studio Xang
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tel:+66 53 212 564
Mob.:+66 624 3170

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