History lessons at Sundorne School

This is our History lesson. We are learning about medicine and health in the period of the 1800-1900's and
later on this year we will start to learn about the first and second world wars.

This is our history teacher Mr David. We have had Mr David for a year now, and we are starting to like him, he is an excellent teacher.

This is Mr David giving us a demonstration on what we learning about at the moment, which is the most common illnesses like smallpox, cholera, tuberculosis and typhoid. 

This is a view of our classroom and classmates from the corner of our room. It is a large room and we have the interactive equipment to help us learn. We hope you will be able to have this in the future.

This is an assessment task we had to complete. This is how we lay out our work in every lesson. This assessment was based on the industrial revolution of the 17th century.

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