Our Task 2 & 3 has been sent to Burma!

Finally 8.3 have completed and these tasks have been sent to our students in Maesot.

Here are some examples:

Members of 8.3 showing off their final pieces.

Looking at the back grounds you can get an idea of what our students like to do in their spare time.

The crab is their in Neve's picture to show us her star sign, I wonder what the Burmese students will make of it!

 Josh is showing us really clearly what his favourite sport is.

Task 3 asked students to consider how they could share information about where they live. All the students did this in their own way.

Now we are planning for Task 4: What did you do today? Students have started recording what happens to them and what they do on one day so they can share this with the students in Maesot.

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