Severn Trampoling Club

This is an out of school trampolining club and it is called severn trampolining club.
This club runs on a Tuesday and Friday at the Shrewswbury sports village.
At the sport village there are many things that you can do.

 Like :   
  • rock climing 
  • football 
  • netball
  • table tennis 
  • badminton
  • baskball
This photo is of a boy is being taught how to do a front landing.

He is being taught by Mr Wakenshaw

       This is a girl going into a set landing.

        I am going to do a front landing .

   This is the double mini trampoline (DMT)
   This is stacey going off the DMT doing a barani.

  This is Stacey jumping on the DMT ready to do a barani.

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