Time to sell some tickets!

Every student is being given a booklet of five tickets to sell, sell as many as you can! Tickets are 50p each and the draw will take place on Tuesday 14th December.

One of our top prizes is a 6 month V.I.P pass to C21.

One of the most popular night spots in town - they have a resturant and a cocktail/piano bar.

The staff from Sundorne School are having their Christmas do here this year, that should make for some good photos!

Thanks to Jo and the owners of C21 for this great prize!

The Body Zone is a great beauty salon near the Abbey in town.

Here they do hair, nails and beauty treatments. All the beauty tresatments use organic products.

Sue, the lovely owner has donated a £30.00 facial as a prize for our raffle!

A great prize or a great pressie, depending on who wins!

Get buying and get selling - make sure they are the real thing!

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