Our science ear defender investigation

We conducted an investigation to find out which set of ear defenders were the best. We decided  we would test 6 diffrent pairs of ear defenders, by seeing which eardefenders blocked out the sound closest to the sound source.We would measure this by using the trundle wheel to measure in meters how far back the person wearing the eardefenders had moved from the sound.

We got into 6 groups of 3 to 4 people and we conducted our investingation.  

After conducting the investigation, we found out that the investigation was not reliable because all the results from each group were different.  This could of been for many different reasons such as:
  • Most people have different hearing
  • People struck the triangle at different strengths 
  • Each group did not have the same person doing the same job through out the investigation
Hope you enjoyed reading this !!!

Written by Charlotte Player, Paisley Soanes, Christian Pensa and Miss Fisher.

Sorry no photos, we couldn't get them to upload :-(

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